Soul Saturday Commemorations

Please read the instructions before scrolling down to fill out the form.  Thank you.

A Soul Saturday (a.k.a Saturday of Souls) is a day set aside for the commemoration of the departed. There are several such days during the liturgical year of the Eastern Orthodox Church, principally associated with Great Lent, but also including the Saturday before Pentecost.

During the week prior to an upcoming Soul Saturday, please use this form to submit the names of the departed to be remembered in our intercessory prayers at the Soul Saturday Divine Liturgy and Trisagion Prayers for the Departed.

Instructions:  Enter only first names or, if applicable, first name preceded by ecclesiastical title.
Exception:  If you suspect the individual will be included on lists submitted by others, do add the last name.  This will allow the priest to eliminate repetitions when collating his list for use during the services.  Remember: Press ENTER after each name to created a single column.